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That One Time I Wore a Different Blazer Each Day of the Week

Back in February — when it was fitting to wear heavier clothes in the chilly weather — I decided to wear a different blazer each day of the week. I actually own several more blazers than the ones posted below, but rarely utilize them in my work and street style. I find it much easier to throw on a top, black jeans and loafers than to actually think about creating fun outfits.

This week allowed me to play with my clothes in different ways and by the end of the week I felt inspired to ditch my normal work uniform and opt for playing with my clothes in fun and different ways.

And I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn a blazer to work since March. What should my next office fashion challenge be?

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Nail Time!

Nail post time! Or better known in my head as “I’m really impressed with my ability to paint my own nails that I have to show off my perfectly sculpted cuticles and impeccable paint jobs” post time! Once upon a time I cut off all… Read More