All I Want For Christmas

Yes, I am doing one of those completely unoriginal and totally self-absorbed Christmas wish lists that a plethora of blogs and personal sites partake in every holiday season. However, perhaps I’ll have a few original ideas (probably not) and maybe inspire a few gift ideas for you all (definitely probably not).

Burlesque-Inspired Nail Polish
Although you won’t catch me dead watching the atrocity that is Burlesque, I can’t help but adore OPI’s newest colors inspired by the movie-musical. Since I started cutting my hair short I vowed to have color on my nails at all time (I guess to retain some of my girly-ness). These glittery and shimmery colors are a perfect alternative from the “Lincoln Park After Dark” and “Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It” that I normally wear. I especially love “Sparkle-icious” and you will absolutely see me wear it before OPI stops showcasing these colors. Actually, now that I’m on the site I definitely want all of the Swiss collection as well… and the new suede-finish polishes…

My new favorites in order: “Sparkle-icious,” “Tease-y Does It” and “Take the Stage.”

Oversized Cardy Party

My favorite piece of clothing for all seasons – the cardigan. In my opinion, you can never have enough cardigans. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, but I have a soft spot for oversized, long sweaters that are the feature of an outfit. On any day of the week I’ll be wearing a plain shirt with cardigan on top, so I’m definitely in need of some new and unique cardigans to spruce up my mundane looks.

A simple gray cardigan but with surprise tinsel detailing from Need Supply.
I love the pattern and color on this oversized grandpa cardigan from Urban Outfitters.
My favorite: A chunky cream-colored cardigan on Piperlime. Not so much – the price tag.

Big Girl Art
In my apartment in Athens I literally have nothing on my walls except a large paper photo of a beach and a journalism sticker. It’s not pretty. In my room in Cincinnati I have a framed Harry Potter poster and a framed Lord of the Rings poster among some pictures that my grandfather painted. Yes, I am a nerd. My thinking was that I didn’t want to really decorate until I moved into a chic apartment in Brooklyn or somewhere more permanent. This changed once I began reading design blogs. I have come across some great pieces these past few weeks that would really spruce up my grim room at school – and are perfect to take from my temporary residence to an adult apartment. (“Adult” is a very scary word for me lately.)

I imagine framing these vintage Penguin title postcards from Anthropologie and hanging them in a group of four of five on the wall. I could even change them out every few months to showcase different titles. Love.
This baroque mirror from Neiman Marcus is girly and functional – and a great alternative to a boring square mirror with a wooden frame.

Also on my art/décor wish list: Painted bowls to hold earrings, rings and miscellaneous junk. A chic desk lamp (like this blue tear drop lamp by Jonathan Adler or owl lamp from West Elm), tree branch wall hooks and large arm chair (like one of these three chairs from Urban Outfitters).

Christmas-y Chocolate
For me there is no such thing as Christmas without chocolate and every year I am gifted a chocolate orange from Terry’s in my stocking. Never had a Terry’s chocolate orange? It’s the perfect balance of orange fruitiness and creamy chocolate – and the best part is slamming the orange on the counter to break up the pieces. I’m partial to the dark chocolate flavor. Another Christmas classic? None other than peppermint bark from Willams-Sonoma. The crunchy chocolate is to die for and the surprise mint taste is a fresh (literally) take on simple chocolate. This year I vow to obtain both. Muwahaha. (I don’t think that called for an evil laugh, but deal with it.)

Updated Moccasins
I have this ratty old pair of Bass moccasins that I’ve had since I was a sophomore in high school. Needless to say they are in poor condition and I can no longer wear them in public. But instead of a pair of men’s slippers, I am ready to upgrade to a more chic pair of ‘mocs like this pair from Minnetonka.

No matter what I get for Christmas I am most thankful for my friends and family. Was that too cheesy? Because what I’m really most thankful for during the holiday is Christmas food, like cranberry ice and ham, Josh Groban’s Christmas album, that fact that it’s okay to gain weight and my mom warming up my car for me. ‘Tis the season to be jolly (thankful, and a little bit selfish) after all!


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