It may be no surprise to everyone that a few months ago I dyed my hair blonde and got a little trim. In the beginning of winter break I was especially inspired by Emma Watson’s new haircut and decided that I should get another trim and got a bit blonder following my Thanksgiving pig out. Hey, I needed to lose weight somehow! Here are the results:

My (failed) attempt at looking cute. Don’t expect to see too much of me on this blog.

It’s a much whiter and brighter blonde compared to the nasty yellow mop I had before, and is much shorter all over (especially the back, which I love). Special thanks to Gayle at Studio 7 for the great color!

So I promise this isn’t going to be a totally narcissistic blog post – I wanted to post a few of my favorite pictures/inspirations for my new style. Normally people go darker for the winter season, but I wanted to do the opposite. I truly love my new haircut and I plan to keep it this color and length for a while! Here are the lovely ladies that inspired my new ‘do…

Emma Watson
My mother and hairdresser Diane did not want me to cut my hair this short (like, adamantly opposed the cut) so I compromised by keeping my bangs longer. After all, my parents are paying for my cut and color and Diane has been cutting my hair since I was a baby, so I had to take their opinions into consideration. There’s something so empowering to me about having short hair and seeing women with short hair – Emma looks so much more confident and mature with her cropped ‘do.

Michelle Williams
Michelle was my original inspiration way back in May – I saw a photo of her at Cannes and absolutely loved her cut. After my initial short crop I quickly realized that once you go short it’s hard to grow it out again. I get annoyed so easily with the length so I’ve been progressively cutting it shorter and shorter, sort of like Miss Williams has done the past few years.

Do you think with a new cut like Michelle’s I can get hot men like Jake and Ryan? No? Wishful thinking, I guess… Also, she needs a new “friend” pose.

Carey Mulligan

Girl crush alert! I can’t help it – she’s flawless and so is her hair (except for those disgusting extensions she had to wear in Never Let Me Go). The fresh blonde brightens up her face and even though she’s currently growing out her hair, I think she looks best with a short cut.

So what do you all think? Is short and blonde the new thing to do? Because I know I’m in love.


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