Girl Power

This post is (mainly) about Keri Hilson’s new song featuring Rick Ross, The Way You Love Me. Due to the graphic nature of the video and lyrics, you must have a Youtube account to watch the video, which you can find here.

Keeping it classy, Keri…

When I saw this music video/heard this song for the first time last week my initial reaction was “ew.” And then later it was anger. Where is this song putting women? Ugh. But before I treat you all with my opinions about the content, here are a few lines taken from the song:

Touch me, touch me, it’s the way you touch me
F—k me, f—k me, it’s the way you f—k me

I got that kind of p—y that will keep you off the streets

Oh it’s so juicy boy I hope you come first place
So good I make you think my bed is my workplace

The lyrics enough are to make one sick, but the video along with the racy lyrics are the cherry on top. One MTV article describes Hilson better than I can as she “gyrates, thrusts, licks and gets (way) low” in her raunchy new video. During an interview with Hilson, Perez Hilton even counters with a (shockingly) pro-female sentiment, “You don’t have to use sexuality to feel powerful.”

THANK YOU! That is exactly how I felt after I watched this video/heard this song. I understand what Hilson was trying to achieve – females (just like men) should be able to say how they feel, regardless of the graphic nature. Females are allowed to be sexual and sing about their sexuality and encounters. But is it necessary to go about this in such a graphic manner? According to Hilson, sometimes a girl just “wants to get f—ed!” Are these lyrics and Hilson’s “dance moves” really empowering females to speak their mind?

What I find most shocking is that this single was released following her girl power balled Pretty Girl Rock, which may not change the world, but at least gives (younger) girls a sense of pride as they sing along. As Perez said, you do not have to use sexuality to feel empowered. Do gyrating your hips and sliding around the floor in skimpy outfits really give off a positive message? Does screaming “f—k me, f—k me” really empower young females?

I could say a lot more about this nasty video and the horrendous lyrics, but instead I’ll shed some light on four of my new heroes from my favorite TV show.

Last night was the season finale of the Amazing Race and for the first time in 17 seasons an all female team came in first place. And in second place, too, for that matter. The winners were Nat Strand and Kat Chang, two surgeons from Los Angeles. They (like runners up Brook and Claire) ran the entire race with smiles on their faces but with a competitive drive that could not be ignored. In my opinion, this race is the epitome of female empowerment. It requires dedication, a level head and the drive to compete and succeed in a mentally and physically stressful competition.

Going back to female empowerment, I think Brook put it best when she said, “The idea of being a strong woman means that you’re grumpy boots or you’re this masculine strong chick. No. You can be feminine and tap into that femininity while still being a strong woman.”

I really think what Brook was trying to say is that you don’t have to fit these certain molds to be considered a strong woman – you don’t have to be angry or masculine, or even overtly sexual to be a powerful woman.

Amazing Race season 17 winners Nat and Kat. Image courtesy of CBS Television Network and Bill Inoshita.

Just so you know – I’ve got a mind and a sense of humor that will “keep men off the streets.” And my “workplace” is at my computer or in school. So, will you go out and buy Hilson’s new album No Boys Allowed on December 21st?


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