Smile! You’re on Amanda’s Camera

I’ve officially been living in New York City for one month and have loved every minute of it — the disheartening job search that blossomed into a one-year freelance gig, the sweltering heat that has kept me indoors with the AC more times than I would have liked, and the carefree afternoons spent exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn alone with my iPod or with the company of close friends. Although I don’t document every adventure, below are a few of my favorite pictures of the city captured with my phone.

A quick drink at Lillie’s, a Victorian-inspired restaurant in Union Square. I loved the velvet seats and long marble bar (and the free drink thanks to my Foursquare check in didn’t hurt either). My favorite part of this photo was accidental — Kevin and Will in the reflection in one of the antique mirrors.

Another shot from Lillie’s. This time, the grand marble pillars perfectly highlight the dusty wine bottles and extensive liquor collection.
The view from my 14th floor apartment — a rainy sunset in the Upper East Side.
On my walk home from the 86th Street station.

New York, I fall in love with you a bit more each day. A sepia filter just makes that much more charming.


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