Digging Deeper: Jenna’s Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to a segment I like to call Digging Deeper. On today’s episode we will be analyzing Jenna the Blogger’s blog, appropriately titled “The Over Analyst.” During her brief introduction on The Bachelor, Jenna is portrayed as the hip freelance journalist from New York City who spends her days sipping wine and over analyzing, how chic! Throughout episode one JB spends her time wine-crying about a self-created conflict with Mammoth Monica and accuses Ben F. of being “too calm” while everyone else was nervous. Classy! However, in the end, Jenna is presented with the final rose at the ~*Rose Ceremony*~ and she will live to see another episode. But don’t you want to know so much more about our favorite wino, JB? I know I do!

In proper investigative journalist form, I did a quick search on LinkedIn and hey! what do you know? I found JB’s profile, image to the left. (Side note: I’m very proud of myself for nicknaming her “JB” after “Jenna the Blogger” and then discovering her real initials are, in fact, JB!) And take a look at that! She studied at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. What a small, small world. With a connection in Ohio, maybe we are more alike than I thought?

Unfortunately, Jenna’s LinkedIn page is boring me, like most LinkedIn profiles do. If you ever add me on LinkedIn, please give me at least a month to add you back considering it’s the most useless website of all time. If you have made a genuine professional connection on LinkedIn, please prove me wrong. But instead of creepily stalking her employment history, I want to get down to the real business here, which is to over analyze Jenna’s over analyzing blog. Here is its description: “I enjoy analyzing. It’s one of the things people may consider a problem, yet it’s one of the things I really like to do. I think it makes us more interesting and leads us to new discoveries. Overanalyzing happens because you really have a deep interest in learning about life, the good and the bad. I embrace my desires, I feel inspired and I witness the beauty.”

Bolding emphasis is my own and here is why: Over analyzing situations is a problem, Jenna, which you so aptly proved on the first episode as you over analyzed Monica’s intentions. In simpler terms, you freaked the eff out for no apparent reason. You spent the episode crying to any and every girl that would hear your story and then you almost missed the ~*Rose Ceremony*~ because you were in the bathroom smearing your mascara. Ben even confronted you about the drama and you straight up lied. Long story short, you over analyzing almost cost you a spot on this TV show. It is something many people consider a flaw. Do I think your over analyzing makes you more interesting? It made you the butt of many a joke on Twitter that night so, maybe yeah, you were more interesting to mock. #endrant

My first major issue with Jenna’s website is that, while under construction, you can still read all of her old posts. What bothers me the most is that she has a nice little banner that you would expect to be able to click on. However, below this banner it says “CLICK HERE” four times in a row, obviously meant to be links on the banner. Not only is this sloppy HTML work, but the links don’t even work! Why not hire out a designer and post a simple “Under Construction” graphic without the option for readers to troll the rest of your content? Not good so far, Jenna, not good at all.

While browsing Jenna’s blog posts, I discovered that some of the posts were written by other sources. A post titled “A Colorful Diet” is sourced via another website. (The link didn’t work, PS.) And “Natural Sleeping Aids & Remedies?” Jenna offers a list of 10 ways to help one sleep, but I have no idea where she got this information. How do I know that taking a 5-hour midday nap won’t help me sleep better at night? I took plenty of naps in college and had no problem sleeping in until noon the next day. Give me some proper sources or links, por favor. But then I decided to look through more than one page of posts and I sort of take back what I just wrote, but I won’t delete it. Most of her posts are just images from other sites, a Beyonce music video and a brief review of Crazy Stupid Love. All in all, it’s like most love/lifestyle/fashion blogs you find on the Internet. Except it’s written by a current Bachelor girl! So now you know.

Word count of “analyst/analyze/analyzing (including this line): 14


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