Digging Deeper: Courtney’s Modeling Career

This week I would like to take a closer look into the modeling career of The Bachelor season 16’s resident bitch, Courtney. Now, most girls on reality television shows who claim they have “modeling careers” have really only appeared in local catalogs, ie: any contestant on America’s Next Top Model, but it appears that Courtney might actually have had a legitimate career prior to her appearance on The Bachelor.

After a quick Google search I discovered that, full name, Courtney Robertson not only has a fully functioning website (sorry Jenna) with photos and agent listings, but she has appeared on the cover of Fitness magazine and in commercials and several print advertising campaigns. It’s hard to tell how old Courtney is in most of these photographs (she is currently 28-years-old) but it totally looks like she was/is an actual working model. According to her site, Courtney has modeled for the likes of IZOD, Clarisonic, Scottsdale (yes, the city in Arizona) and has even impersonated Audrey Hepburn for a photo shoot.

Image courtesy of Starcasm.

I, for one, am shocked. Like I said, most “models” on these reality shows do not actually have working, paying jobs, but Courtney has had some actual work. I thought my work was done! This was going to be a short little post with more information and less mockery. I found her ads, her commercials and multiple photo shoots, so I was going to pat myself on the back for a half-assed job well done and leave it at that. But then I remembered that once upon a time Courtney dated an actor. And then take a look at this piece of evidence! Courtney attended the 2005 Emmy awards! Not as an awards model but as the date of one-time hottie (debatable) Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives fame! We know in her episode that Courtney admitted to dating an actor, but does this seem suspicious? An actual working model (she is no Miranda Kerr but at least her resume is semi-respectable) who once dated a relatively well-know (at the time) actor on another hit ABC show? They only dated briefly but still, wouldn’t the producers have discovered this little fact and think that her semi connection to ABC would be a bit… strange? Is it blatant fame mongering?

I don’t know, guys. Maybe it’s because I don’t get good vibes from Miss Model, but I just don’t trust her after this revelation. Not only does she incessantly lick or bite her lips and that just annoys me, but she’s also really degrading to the other girls solely for competition’s sake. However, there are multiple rumors that she is in this season of The Bachelor for the long haul, so we will not only have to deal with her bland voice, but we will have plenty more time to see if more incriminating evidence comes to light.


2 thoughts on “Digging Deeper: Courtney’s Modeling Career

  1. I like Courtney, she’s funny and has personality. I think she belongs with Ben and if they’re happy let them be, it’s not your relationship so you should just buzz off.

  2. My husband says, she reminds him of the octomom.
    I agree with you. She has a bland, non-expressive voice and face. She might not be fake but her non-expressive tone of voice and face reminds me of a fake person.

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