Nail Time!

Nail post time! Or better known in my head as “I’m really impressed with my ability to paint my own nails that I have to show off my perfectly sculpted cuticles and impeccable paint jobs” post time!

Once upon a time I cut off all of my hair and no longer felt feminine. I loved the cut but I was missing that sense of prettiness. I vowed to find my femininity again! I searched low… I searched high… I needed a solution. My answer was a commitment to always have my nails painted and have kept up with this habit since late 2010.

Over the past few years I’ve perfected the quick paint with minimal destruction, usually painting my nails during Sunday night programming. However, nail painting has turned into an every-three-days activity, a sort of paint-at-my-desk-when-I’m-waiting-for-our-CMS-to-load kind of thing. My coworkers can attest to this as they frequently smell nail polish remover and lacquer in our cubicle.

Left: Sonia Kashuk in a sea foam green; Right: Essie in “Mojito Madness”

My go-to remedy for sloppy nails is my thumbs. If I’m in a rush I always paint my thumbs last. I’m able to dip my not-yet-painted thumbs into nail polish remover so I can easily remove excess polish. When I have more time on my hands, a quick swoop of topcoat on the skin makes for easy removal with a Q-tip or nail file. Another more recent discovery is a tiny makeup brush for precision and control. Dip the bristles into nail polish remover and glide the brush along the edges of your nail, removing unsightly mistakes.

Left: Nails Inc. in “Electric Avenue;” Middle: Nails Inc. in a holiday sparkle top coat and “Covent Garden Market” (middle finger); Right: Maybelline Color Show in “Pinkalicious” and Nails Inc. in “Princess Arcade” (middle finger)

Semi-new discovery: the best sparkle polish from Nails Inc. If you’re looking for full-coverage sparkle and not a wimpy top coat, you should invest in a bottle or two from Nails Inc. My favorite is an opaque silver that reminds me of tin foil straight on my fingers (in the best sense possible of course).

Deborah Lippmann in “Prelude to a Kiss” and Sephora by OPI “Sparkle Me Silver” glitter top coat
Left: Zoya in “Paloma” with a Nails Inc. top coat; Right: Zoya in “Ray” and “Dual” (pointer finger)

My absolute favorite brand is Zoya. It all started when I received a free sample of iVillage red from our marketing department and one application for me to become hooked. The formula is creamy and smooth (get your mind out of the gutter!) and rarely bubbles (my biggest nail polish pet peeve. You can avoid this by rolling your polish bottles, not shaking them, and allowing each coat to completely dry before topping it off with another coat). The best part about purchasing Zoya polish is their website — you can order tiny “spoons” for 50 cents (free shipping) that show the color exactly how the color will dry. If you decide to purchase that color, Zoya will deduct 50 cents from your purchase. Unfortunately Zoya is not sold in stores, only in select salons and online.

Left: Essie in “Bikini So Teeny;” Right: Essie in “Fear or Desire”

I originally shied away from Essie after a few bad experiences (poor coverage, chipped very easily, $8 for a small bottle) but finally came around to the idea when I was impressed with its Summer Collection. I must have only used Essie when I was a wee novice because now I’ve totally changed my tune. Perhaps I’m using a better base and top coat or maybe I just change my polish color so often that I don’t run into chipping issues, but Essie has quickly climbed the ladder to one of my top 5 favorite formulas. (Like right now I am wearing Essie in “Aperitif” and “Fifth Avenue.”)

My nail polish collection featuring colors from Color Club, Deborah Lippmann, Elle, Essie, Julep, M.A.C, Maybelline Color Show, Nails Inc., Nicole by OPI, NYX, Orly, OPI, Sephora by OPI, Urban Outfitters and Zoya.

That is my most recent photo of my collection in October after a 17 polish purge with an accompanying 8 polish addition. I repeat, a seventeen polish purge. You’ll notice that 7 of my polishes didn’t make the cut for the rack (glitter and base/top coats). And yes, I did purchase a six-tiered nail polish rack to store and display my collection. No, I do not regret this purchase.

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One thought on “Nail Time!

  1. Loved your nails with Nails Inc. in “Electric Avenue” & Zoya in “Ray” – SO pretty! I really like colors like that. Need to pick up a few Zoya polishes in 2013 for sure. Thanks for the idea. 😀

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