On Feeling My Age

It’s the day before my birthday and, after returning from a quick trip to my alma mater, I am feeling older than ever. I think I felt it most when I sat on a career panel in front of a room full of college seniors eagerly awaiting my advice. Or maybe it was when I wasn’t carded at my favorite college bar.

Because my birthday falls so close to the new year, and there is so much pressure in January to follow those silly rules you make for yourself, I feel as though my birthday is the right time to begin my resolutions.

In my 25th year I look forward to maturing relationships with my family, friends and colleagues. I vow to take the next steps in my career.  I hope to start the reading and blogging project that I’ve had in the back of my mind for over a year. I will try to spend more weekends exploring Brooklyn. I want to write more often and eat more salads.

So! Here’s to a quarter of a century of growth, knowledge, pain and love. And here’s to 25 cheesy more.


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