On Feeling My Age

It’s the day before my birthday and, after returning from a quick trip to my alma mater, I am feeling older than ever. I think I felt it most when I sat on a career panel in front of a room full of college seniors eagerly awaiting my advice. Or maybe it was when I wasn’t carded at my favorite college bar.

Because my birthday falls so close to the new year, and there is so much pressure in January to follow those silly rules you make for yourself, I feel as though my birthday is the right time to begin my resolutions.

In my 25th year I look forward to maturing relationships with my family, friends and colleagues. I vow to take the next steps in my career.  I hope to start the reading and blogging project that I’ve had in the back of my mind for over a year. I will try to spend more weekends exploring Brooklyn. I want to write more often and eat more salads.

So! Here’s to a quarter of a century of growth, knowledge, pain and love. And here’s to 25 cheesy more.


That One Time I Wore a Different Blazer Each Day of the Week

Back in February — when it was fitting to wear heavier clothes in the chilly weather — I decided to wear a different blazer each day of the week. I actually own several more blazers than the ones posted below, but rarely utilize them in my work and street style. I find it much easier to throw on a top, black jeans and loafers than to actually think about creating fun outfits.

This week allowed me to play with my clothes in different ways and by the end of the week I felt inspired to ditch my normal work uniform and opt for playing with my clothes in fun and different ways.

And I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn a blazer to work since March. What should my next office fashion challenge be?

Nail Time!

Nail post time! Or better known in my head as “I’m really impressed with my ability to paint my own nails that I have to show off my perfectly sculpted cuticles and impeccable paint jobs” post time!

Once upon a time I cut off all of my hair and no longer felt feminine. I loved the cut but I was missing that sense of prettiness. I vowed to find my femininity again! I searched low… I searched high… I needed a solution. My answer was a commitment to always have my nails painted and have kept up with this habit since late 2010.

Over the past few years I’ve perfected the quick paint with minimal destruction, usually painting my nails during Sunday night programming. However, nail painting has turned into an every-three-days activity, a sort of paint-at-my-desk-when-I’m-waiting-for-our-CMS-to-load kind of thing. My coworkers can attest to this as they frequently smell nail polish remover and lacquer in our cubicle.

Left: Sonia Kashuk in a sea foam green; Right: Essie in “Mojito Madness”

My go-to remedy for sloppy nails is my thumbs. If I’m in a rush I always paint my thumbs last. I’m able to dip my not-yet-painted thumbs into nail polish remover so I can easily remove excess polish. When I have more time on my hands, a quick swoop of topcoat on the skin makes for easy removal with a Q-tip or nail file. Another more recent discovery is a tiny makeup brush for precision and control. Dip the bristles into nail polish remover and glide the brush along the edges of your nail, removing unsightly mistakes.

Left: Nails Inc. in “Electric Avenue;” Middle: Nails Inc. in a holiday sparkle top coat and “Covent Garden Market” (middle finger); Right: Maybelline Color Show in “Pinkalicious” and Nails Inc. in “Princess Arcade” (middle finger)

Semi-new discovery: the best sparkle polish from Nails Inc. If you’re looking for full-coverage sparkle and not a wimpy top coat, you should invest in a bottle or two from Nails Inc. My favorite is an opaque silver that reminds me of tin foil straight on my fingers (in the best sense possible of course).

Deborah Lippmann in “Prelude to a Kiss” and Sephora by OPI “Sparkle Me Silver” glitter top coat
Left: Zoya in “Paloma” with a Nails Inc. top coat; Right: Zoya in “Ray” and “Dual” (pointer finger)

My absolute favorite brand is Zoya. It all started when I received a free sample of iVillage red from our marketing department and one application for me to become hooked. The formula is creamy and smooth (get your mind out of the gutter!) and rarely bubbles (my biggest nail polish pet peeve. You can avoid this by rolling your polish bottles, not shaking them, and allowing each coat to completely dry before topping it off with another coat). The best part about purchasing Zoya polish is their website — you can order tiny “spoons” for 50 cents (free shipping) that show the color exactly how the color will dry. If you decide to purchase that color, Zoya will deduct 50 cents from your purchase. Unfortunately Zoya is not sold in stores, only in select salons and online.

Left: Essie in “Bikini So Teeny;” Right: Essie in “Fear or Desire”

I originally shied away from Essie after a few bad experiences (poor coverage, chipped very easily, $8 for a small bottle) but finally came around to the idea when I was impressed with its Summer Collection. I must have only used Essie when I was a wee novice because now I’ve totally changed my tune. Perhaps I’m using a better base and top coat or maybe I just change my polish color so often that I don’t run into chipping issues, but Essie has quickly climbed the ladder to one of my top 5 favorite formulas. (Like right now I am wearing Essie in “Aperitif” and “Fifth Avenue.”)

My nail polish collection featuring colors from Color Club, Deborah Lippmann, Elle, Essie, Julep, M.A.C, Maybelline Color Show, Nails Inc., Nicole by OPI, NYX, Orly, OPI, Sephora by OPI, Urban Outfitters and Zoya.

That is my most recent photo of my collection in October after a 17 polish purge with an accompanying 8 polish addition. I repeat, a seventeen polish purge. You’ll notice that 7 of my polishes didn’t make the cut for the rack (glitter and base/top coats). And yes, I did purchase a six-tiered nail polish rack to store and display my collection. No, I do not regret this purchase.

Follow my nails board on Pinterest or check out my Instagram account where I frequently post photos of my nails.

“The love feelings are there.”

Hey ya’ll (yes, it’s back to “ya’ll”) and welcome to this week’s installment of The Bachelor recap! I intentionally waited until today (riiiiight) to update because I updated this blog last Thursday and if I have to wait a week+ to watch then you have to wait a week+ to read! Boom, I have the power!

This week… Beliz! 6 incredible women! Jumping off helicopters! Courtney and Ben make out time! Dramaz~* with the other ladies and Courtney! All that and more tonight… on The Bachelor.

BB (Bachelor Ben, duh) introduces us to Beliz and the (name drop!) Coco Beach Resort all while wearing a man tank top –- the best kind of tank top if you ask me. What should we call this? A mank top? A disgusting shirt that should never be worn by the male species ever again? Herp derp?


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“Well, first, how are you?”

Hi lady lovers and sorry I am so late with this week’s recap of The Bachelor! It was my birthday this past weekend and work has been stressful and then last night I was going to watch Monday’s episode at home but my cable wasn’t working and then my Flash plug-in wasn’t working on my computer… stop. No excuses. I’m late. If I were on this show I don’t think Ben would give me a rose. *tear*

Now, I haven’t even started this week’s episode yet and I’m already guessing that Ben will say that Panama City “is the perfect place to fall in love!” I’ll try to note it each time he does. That reminds me, did you all see “Shit Girls Say on The Bachelor?” It really opens your eyes to how repetitive they all sound. It’s all, “we have a connection” this and “I really feel a connection” that and sobs and heavy sighs and tears. It makes me just plain giddy just to watch this episode now! *THREE SPOONS OF SARCASM, PLEASE*

Now that it’s down to nine ladies, tonight we have Ben thinking he could really spend the rest of his life with some of these women! And waterfalls! Courtney stalking Jamie (who?) and drama with Casey! Did someone die? Why is she leaving the show? All that and more tonight… on The Bachelor.

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“You’ve done every thing you want to do?” (Really?)

Dramatic sigh. Let’s get on with it then. Welcome back lady-man-rose lovers to yet another installation of The Bachelor season 16 recap. Has it already been a week since the last post? Well, no, because I was a few days behind, but it seems as though this season is winding down rather quickly. With only a handful of episodes left and 11 ladies remaining, Ben F’s future wife will be chosen before you know it and I can vow to never watch another episode of this show again. The finale is the only thing I look forward to these days. Looks like the “Side-Eye of Shame” Award goes to me tonight.

Tonight in Vieques Puerto Rico: dramatic music! More Courtney drama! NUDITY! Actual, PG-13 blurred out naked parts and some tongue! I couldn’t be more excited for some action. And naturally few more “Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful!” and “This is an amazing place to fall in love!” Where isn’t a good place to fall in love, Ben?

After the ladies settle into their swanky new digs, Chris is here! What irrelevant speech is he going to give today? Oh, that’s right! The same one he gives each week: There will be two one-on-one dates and a group date this week and, finally, nobody will be left behind! This means Elyse will actually get some screen time and maybe Casey S. will utter more than two words. Maybe.

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“Every color of the rainbow!”

What’s up lady lovers? (That’s better than “hey ya’ll,” right?) and welcome to week FOUR of The Bachelor! I’m going to be honest here, I’m surprised I’ve kept up with this weekly recap. Not only do I have concentration issues but I find this program either incredibly awkward, incredibly boring or incredibly redundant with little to no in-between. Sometimes I wish I could just watch the show and not write about it, but then I realized, I would never watch this show! Oh well, I suffer for ya’ll! (Ah, there it is.)

This week Ben F. is taking the gals to Park City, Utah. No back story here! Just sweeping landscapes, mountain ranges and the screams of 13 ladies ringing from a cabin-like resort. Oh, and plenty of trees that prompted this little gem from Ben: “The colors are every color of the rainbow!” Sometimes I just can’t.

After a bit more sob from Ben (I want the girls to experience the outdoors, memories of my father and grandfather in the wilderness, blah blah blah) Chris greets the ladies with some scary advice! Without rewinding to copy it word-for-word, if you get a one-on-one with Ben DON’T talk about the weather. Thanks, Chris, I think most of these ladies are functioning human beings and realize that the weather is a taboo topic on a date. Why is there a host on this show again?

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